Planinsko društvo - Koče


Triglavski dom na Kredarici, 2515 m

Gorski predel: Julijske Alpe
Oskrbnik: Herman Uranič
Telefon koče: +386 4 531 28 64, +386 1 23 12 645 (office Ljubljana)
Stanje: basic accommodation (no food)
Kategorija: 1
Ležišča: V sobah - 141
Skupna - 200
Zimska - 0
Sedeži v jedilnici: 300
Cenik: dokument PDF - cenik

About the mountain hut:

It is regularly maintained from the end of June until the end of September, at other times the meteorologists offer service and basic accommodation (bed + blankets + single use sheets, cold rooms).

Spremljanje Triglavskega ledenika, Geografski inštitut Antona Melika ZRC SAZU The view from the hut to the southeast (web camera ARSO).

Web cameras at Kredarica.

In restaurant areas there are 300 seats, two bar counters; toilets and washing rooms with cold water; there is a farmhouse stove in the dining room; rainwater; generator and photo-voltage system for electricity.

The view: The mountain hut is located on Kredarica, on the rising in the mountain ridge between Rjavina and Triglav. The hut is located at the open area and has a beautiful view. Towards the east there are Kredarica and Rž, on the right Veliki and Mali Pršivec, on the other side of Krma is the mountain ridge from Debela peč to Draški vrhovi, which continues to the south side in the walls of Tosc and Vernar, to the right a part of the plain Velo polje can be seen and in the background a part of the Lower Bohinj mountains (Spodnje Bohinjske gore); on the west rises Triglav; and towards the north from the north wall of Triglav range Pihavec, Dovški Gamsovec, Prisojnik, Razor, Stenar, Dolkova špica, Škrlatica and the Martuljek mountains, there is a nearby Begunjski vrh, and when the weather is good one can see Visoke Ture on the distant horizon.

Access Car:
The asphalt road from Bled to the barracks Rudno polje on Pokljuka 20km, from where past Vodnikov dom mountain hut, across the saddle Konjsko sedlo and Kalvarija 5h; the local, partly asphalt road from Mojstrana to Vrata 12km, from where along the path Tominškova pot 5h, across Prag 5h30; the local macadam road from Mojstrana to Lovska koča hunting hut in Krma 12km, from there across Zgornja Krma and along the foot of Rž 5h30; convenient roads for the bus: to Rudno polje, to the hut Kovinarska koča v Krmi and to Vrata. The BS Pokljuka, Stara Fužina, Bohinjsko Jezero (the Bohinj Lake) and Mojstrana: from Pokljuka (the BS at the turning of the road towards the Šport Hotel) past the barracks Rudno polje and Vodnikov dom 6h; from the BS Jezero by the Bohinj Lake through Voje and past Vodnikov dom mountain hut 6h, from Stara Fužina 30 minutes less; from Mojstrana to Vrata and along the path Tominškova pot 7h30, or across Prag 8h; from Mojstrana past the hut Kovinarska koča v Krmi, across Zgornja Krma and along the foot of Rž 8h.

Interesting tours:
Triglav (2864 m) 1h.

Walk to the huts in the neighbourhood: