Planinsko društvo - Koče


Dom v Kamniški Bistrici, 600 m

Gorski predel: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe
Oskrbnik: Sebastian Peklaj
Telefon koče: +386 1 832 55 44, +386 40 620 787, fax +386 1 832 73 40
Stanje: open
Kategorija: 2
Ležišča: V sobah - 36
Skupna - 9
Zimska - 0
Sedeži v jedilnici: 100
Cenik: dokument PDF - cenik

About the mountain hut:

  • In winter season open from Friday to Sunday: October - March.
  • Open all days in the week, except Monday: April, May, September.
  • Open all days in the week: June - August.

The hut is located in the upper part of the alpine valley Kamniška Bistrica close above the little lake where the Bistrica outflows from the various karst sources at the coast.

In two restaurant areas there are 100 seats, a bar counter; there are 200 seats at the tables on the open terrace by the hut; toileta, washing rooms and a bathroom with warm and cold water; central heating; running water, electricity, telephone.

The view:
From the hut there is a beautiful view on the ridge of the Kamnik Alps, which surround the valley. On the east between the narrow valleys of Sedelšček and Kamniška Bela ascend the south slopes of Rigeljca and Mešenik; on the southeast descend the west slopes of v Velika planina into the valley; on the south east slopes Mokrica from the Krvavc mountain group cover the view; on the west above the valley rise the slopes of Kalški greben; the most beautiful is the view towards the northwest on the central part of the Kamnik Alps, where behind the high edge of Veliki Podi appear Skuta, Štruca, the saddle Mlinarsko sedlo and the peak of Grintovec; on the north side of the valley rise the south walls of Brana.

Access Car, Bus:
The asphalt local road from Stahovica to the hut 8km. The BS Kamniška Bistrica, Kamnik, Stahovica: the BS in Kamniška Bistrici is at the hut; from Kamnik along the path Koželjeva pot, which leads to the bridge in Stranje along the left and then along the right bank of the Bistrica 3h30; from Stahovica along the path Koželjeva pot along the Bistrica 2h30; the path along the Bistrica from Stahovice to the hut is extremely beautiful and interesting.

Interesting tours:
The climbs to the peaks are listed at the hut Cojzova koča, the hut Kamniška koča and at the hut Kocbekov dom na Korošici; the gorge Predoselj with the natural bridge over the Kamniška Bistrica 20 minutes; the glacier boulder Žagana peč (780 m) 45 minutes; the memorial park devoted to those killed in the Kamnik and the Savinja Alps 20 minutes.

Walk to the huts in the neighbourhood: