Mednarodni tabor v Visokih Tatrah

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Madžarske kolegice in kolegi organizirajo tabor v Visokih Tatrah v okviru projekta Erasmus+. Matica ima na voljo 7-10 prostih mest, stroške prevoza vam povrnejo, prav tako tudi nočitve in prehrano v uradnem terminu. Ostale informacije najdete spodaj. Vsi, ki bi radi šli, se prijavite v tole razpredelnico.


So here are the details of the August meet in Hungary:

whole period: 4-13 August (Saturday-Monday)
self-funded part: 4-7 August (Saturday-Tuesday)
official part: 7-13 August (Tuesday-Monday)

Self-funded part: trad climbing in High Tatras National Park. From multi-pitch routes to bouldering on granite. Accommodation in mountain hut, ca. 15-20 EUR/night. Meals can be bought at the hut. For the travel costs we can reimburse only between Lj-Aggtelek, but it's not a big detour, so shouldn't be expensive this part. Climbing can be done self organised for experienced parties or some of our more experienced members will be there to give ideas, take some people climbing.

Official part: Aggtelek, Hungary. Aggtelek Kupa climbing
4 days., 50+ routes, lead sports climbing on limestone. Max height 50m VI-X grade. Also a festival for climbing with various non-strictly climbing activities :). In the evenings we will have separate program for the Erasmus+ participants (lectures, party, etc...).
Family friendly. There will be the option not to take part in the competition, for those we will organise trail running/caving/MTB in the area, although it would be great if many of you could participate :)
Accommodation in own tent in properly equipped camping site. Meals will be provided.
For this part only the competition participation fee has to be paid (ca. 25 EUR/person), the rest is paid by us (meals, accommodation, lectures, etc.).

Participants can choose to only come for the official part, that's of course ok!

Participants from Slovenia: 7-10.
Travel to/from Aggtelek: I think the best option is by own car. We will reimburse fuel and amortization costs and highway vignettes after the meeting. Please note that there is a full car policy, so we can only do the reimbursement if a 5 seater has min. 3 people in it, if a 4 seater has min. 2 people in it. Etc.
But of course if anyone wants to come by bus/train/plain, that's also ok, but please keep in mind that the maximum reimbursable amount for travel for a single person is 300 EUR.

The project includes 6 nights of accommodation paid by us (from Tuesday eve to Monday morning) any extra days have to be paid by the participants.

Let me know if you have any questions :)
What I would like to ask you is to advertise it in your club asap and once you have the participants, please send me the list. And then we can enter the people who want to take part into the competition asap and also reserve the High Tatras hut according to the final numbers as these can be very full in the summer.
Sorry for sending it so late, but we were waiting for some final dates for the Cup!
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