Where can I rent a bouldering crashpad near Soča, Bovec?

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Pridružen: 27 Jun 2017, 13:29

My girlfriend and I have booked a holiday to Bovec, yay!

We will be going for 10 days. Six of those will be spent wildwater kayaking on the Soča river, but on one of the remaining days we would like to go bouldering.

For that we need a crash pad. It is possible to rent these in our home country, but it would get expensive if we would rent one for ten days if we only need it for one day. So, therefore we would like to rent one locally in Slovenia, preferably in the Soča, Bovec area.

Do you know of such a place? Tips for great bouldering locations are also welcome!
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Not in Bovec vicinity, but on the way there (Lesce), you can rent:
http://www.lifeadventures.si/wp-content ... ng-maj.pdf
"Fall (to) /v./ AKA free-solo rappel. A dynamic retreat from a climb. Note: it is never the fall that kills — it's the sudden stop at the end."
Vreme/maček ni nikoli tako slabo/hud da se ne bi dalo plezat, je pa hitro dovolj slabo/hud da se ti ne da.